Whenever a show makes it this big it leaves ideas about new role models with personalities unprecedented to that moment. The world fell in love with a handsome serial killer that is Dexter Morgan very quickly, but did you know that his actions actually inspired the real monstrosities that happened? Not that the production of a TV show can be blamed for the unfortunate events but this is a certain and very serious sign that Dexter’s actions are very inspiring. Let us take a look closely at what happened and how shows like these can affect the mass audience is actually the most unexpected way.


Something That Was Never Intended

Star Wars figurines are nearly everywhere around us for the last couple of decades. Just after the premiere of 50 shades of gray the sales of various exciting pleasure toys skyrocketed. Some of you may even step forward and said that Dexter may inspire some people to follow his footsteps.

The obsessiveness and the surgical precision with whom the killings were carried are the key elements from all the actions done by Dexter that we fell in love with. Psychologist all unanimously agree that such behavior can be inspiring for persons with obsessive-compulsive tendencies but is the show really to be blamed for? Or is it just another stereotype that carried away itself too far? The world got stunned when it heard out that an aspiring Canadian filmmaker Mark Twitchell was convicted for first-degree murder and was sentenced with 25 years to life imprisonment.

The filmmaker allegedly adopted the fictional persona from the show and announced the murder of over the fake facebook account with the name of Dexter Morgan stating that “Dexter is patiently waiting for his next victi… uh, play date, buddy…” Shortly after the posting of that status, John Brian “Johnny” Altinger the 38-year-old man was murdered.

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Needless to say that the world was shocked and there were few very serious accusations regarding the nature of the TV Show. Shortly after this horrific incident, a young boy named Andrew Conley said the show inspired him to strangle his 10-year-old brother. The court report says that  he watches a show called Dexter on Showtime, about a serial killer, and he stated, “I feel just like him.” Conley actually placed a plastic bag over his brother’s head after killing him, just like Dexter does.

Unfortunately, this TV show will always carry the burden and a certain stigma attached to its name after becoming the inspiration for such crimes. Who is to blame? Or is this the same connotation like the one that video games make our children violent? All of this leaves us with frightening speculations that some murderers may be planning their actions at the moment just from the obsessive acting of Michael C. Hall.

The future will undoubtedly tell all the answers and the only thing that we can do is to hope that such things never happen again and that this otherwise excellent TV show never get misunderstood.