It is the job from TV series popular as Dexter Morgan is to push the boundaries of controversy and show off a different kind of reality to eager viewers. Sometimes from the abundance of amazement raises a need to over-exaggerate things in order to add a unique artistic touch to the whole sensation. Just the thing happened when just a simple statement shocked the whole of Australia and made South Australian government fill complaints against the local Fox affiliate that aired the show in the country. What exactly happened? And how shows big as Dexter Morgan can misinform a large audience at a grand scale just from a couple of words.


The False Fact Stated Enough Times Become A Truth Eventually

We can easily conclude that when it comes to stereotypes the Movies and TV Shows done the best job out of all propaganda sources. Seductive nightlife in Europe, gruesome lifestyle of African citizens, crime and violence of the Americas are just some of the things that were fueled to their maximum by propaganda machinery of certain film industries.

But, do you remember that moment when Dexter stated at the airport that a city in southern Australia has the highest serial killer count per person out of any other place in the world? Well, what was intended to be a short chat in the script hastily found its place across the chat rooms of the internet. People immediately started to search whether that was indeed a truth or not which sparked a hot debate all around the world.

As previously mentioned the South Australian government didn’t like this one bit and immediately started filling a lawsuit for misinforming the worldwide audience about what actually is a very serious accusation. The situation unfolded dramatically as the TV Show was pulled off from TV screens in this country.

Dexter Series

In reality, the fact stated by the show’s protagonist was indeed a myth that was built on a foundation  of the famous “The Snowtown murders.” For those of you who may be not familiar with the killings. There were a series of murders committed by John Bunting, Robert Wagner and James Vlassakis between August 1992 and May 1999, in South Australia. A fourth person, Mark Haydon, was convicted for helping to dispose of the bodies.

The trial was one of the longest and most publicized in Australian legal history. The news from the monstrous killings quickly spread throughout the world giving Adelaide a bad name.

Therefore it was a very easy job for a show this big to state false fact and every “Did you know” segment of the internet had one “Did you know that Adelaide is a city with most serial killers in the world?” You can imagine what kind of mood were Australian officials in when they saw that this has become more and more of a known fact while trying to maintain the image of the socially developed and highly safe country. If anything else, this incident can serve us as a reminder of how easily the world can accept some facts just because they seem very fascinating at the given moment.