A sight that is not so much appealing to the life of a serial killer. Michael C. Hall and Morgan Macgregor stepped out for a stroll along New York streets.

That same day, it was announced that Sony Pictures had acquired the rights to Michael‘s The Silent Man. Peter Landesman surprised all fans with news that Liam Neeson and Michael C. Hall will have a role in a movie about the Watergate scandal on that same day.

The wonderful sunny day was spent in the company of his lovely spouse that carried with him the burden of recent recovery. As their new fluffy little friend was struggling with leash biting, they enjoyed each others time while passengers walked by them in the most casual style. Some dark days were behind the couple, and their not so smiling expressions were telling us story that many worries about Michaels future health were still alive.

After finishing a course of chemotherapy the Dexter star was in remission from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, cancer that attacks the lymphatic system.

He announced he was suffering from the disease in January that year after he wore a beanie cap to cover his bald head as he collected a gong at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. After giving everyone emotional speech, Michael collected his award and remained anonymous for some time.  

Luckily for all fans of Michal’s work, sights such as this one showed the online community that the famous actor was on a road to full recovery and that there are no worries for future health degradation. In the statement released after the official recovery, Michael said that time spent with his spouse and their new dog helped him find his piece of mind and fight off the dreadful thoughts that haunted both of them during the recovery.