Even six years after Dexter’s demise, the character torments Michael C. Hall.  

Since the time of radio soap operas, there has always been an interest in the villain and the murderer. That is no different from cinema and much less with television.

An example of this great interest is the series Dexter and its character that gives name to the show, Dexter Morgan.

A member of the Miami Metro Police Department during the day, Dexter is a highly code-obsessed and very efficient serial killer at night.

The series provided TV with an audience never before seen. 

Sure, there were villains on TV, even adorable ones, but Dexter broke the mold by refusing to fit any traditional archetype. 

To achieve that – the role required a complete actor.

Not a Murderer, but a Blood-Shattering Artist

Angel Blood dexter Morgan

When the show debuted in 2006, Michael C. Hall was in another series, Six Feet Under. Still, he agreed to take viewers to a visceral ‘joke’ in the mind of a man who needed to kill. 

He is armed with a brutally honest internal monologue and a skill set that no rational human being should spend his time enjoying. Dexter demanded that the actor not only go to that dark place but also return, which is more complicated than it seems.

Even though the series came to an end in 2013 in a way that wasn’t very satisfying for some fans – after eight seasons – the effects of playing Dexter Morgan remain with Hall in countless ways. With that, we separated some points that made Michael C. Hall’s life change forever.

Michael C. Hall Had to Learn to Act Again in Some Way

Before starting to star in Dexter, Michael was a very well-trained actor. He had graduated from the College of Liberal Arts in Indiana, and then from the prestigious Tisch School of Arts in New York.

His first job was in the theater with Shakespeare’s plays, so Michael was having a lot of experience before playing Dexter. Unfortunately, when someone spends his life learning to feel different emotions, it can be a pain to have a role in which a character cannot demonstrate them.

Hall found it an exciting challenge, but since Dexter Morgan had been with him for eight years, C. Hall realized that everything he had learned from the character had caused him to lose his ability to have emotions. With that, the actor would have to relearn to play other roles.


He Had to Work to Stop Having Dark Thoughts

Interpreting a serial killer without hitting the legends is difficult. There is no manual to follow. Michael C. Hall, however, went further to play Dexter; Before starting to record the pilot episode, the actor followed people around Manhattan to see what it took to feel like a maniac.

The beginning was not tricky for C. Hall to enter the character since, in the beginning, Dexter had a light tone. Only after a while was it possible to see the weight that carrying this character was making on his life.

According to him, even though he is a good actor trained to reach dark spots for the role, the most challenging thing was to return later. In an interview with THR, Michel C. Hall commented that it was so challenging to be always focused on hiding his feelings, that there was a time when he stopped to analyze whether he was also hiding his self.

He Was Afraid of Getting Another TV Project After Dexter

After Dexter finished and having won several Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe, it was evident that opportunities for new roles on TV would not be lacking.

However, he was not so sure. After doing the same thing for almost a decade, C. Hall was wondering what kind of actor he would like to be from now on.

It was there that he realized that he did not want any work that would occupy his life for several years and decided to return to the theater. Only in 2018 did the actor accept a job for TV, in the Netflix series Safe.

But it was at the theater that C. Hall found himself. The actor decided to return to his origins and starred in the acclaimed play The Angry Inch, where he replaced Andrew Rannells on Broadway.


For the First Time, Dexter Helped Him in Some Part of His Life

During the time he was playing Dexter, the actor married his castmate, Debra Morgan, in 2008; however, two years later, in 2010, the actor split up.

Michael also had to face cancer while shooting the fourth season of the series.

However, the actor could not show any emotion when he was facing such a severe problem on screen, and for the first time, playing Dexter, helped him to perform his job correctly. As in the series, C. Hall had to deal with death without showing any emotion to fans and viewers.

Michael C. Hall Still Can’t Escape Dexters Personality

Like anyone from Friends, How I Met Your Mother or Firefly, who has been on a show so loved by fans for so long. Michael C. Hall always shies away from questions about a cast reunion.

In a 2014 interview with IGN, he tried to be as open as possible about his indifference to the idea, saying:

“It is challenging for me to imagine someone presenting something attractive enough that it is worth doing. Certainly, at the moment, I have no interest in playing Dexter again.”

Unfortunately, that quote led to a storm of rumors that Hall was open to the idea, and it wouldn’t be the last time someone would ask Hall if he would be interested in revisiting his famous role. And in 2018, this led Hall to tell The Hollywood Reporter that:

“There are no plans underway to create more Dexter history. I never say never, because who knows if someone can invent something that seems worthwhile? But that’s not what I’m concerned with, considering or thinking about at the moment.”

In other words, it appears that, in terms of career, Dexter has become a dark enemy for Michael C. Hall.