After eight seasons on the air, the most macabre television coroner has said goodbye forever after one last season that has not left anyone indifferent. Those who already started the season with doubts have not changed their minds. Dexter lost his way four seasons ago, but his Series Finale manages to offer us a right end.  Although it could have taken place in any of the previous three seasons, the coup de grace was delivered correctly.

One fact that no one can deny its that the last season of Dexter has shared a broadcast date with Breaking Bad and that did not do it any favor. While everything was praise for the Vince Gilligan series, Dexter had to endure many sticks (mostly justified) for not knowing how to face the end of the series. 

What were your feelings towards the series in the first season with the Ice Truck Killer, that second with the Bay Harbor Butcher or that fourth with the Trinity Killer? It seems that after the fateful fourth season the series was never the same, and that has to do mainly with its main character.

This series does not narrate the adventures of the Miami Metro Police; in fact, Dexter’s side has always been too secondary. Here the only one that moved the story was Dexter. Dexter and its circumstances, Dexter and its problems, Dexter and its nature. 

That’s why when we reach the end of the fourth season, everything had to change. We cannot expect that there is no evolution in character and the series. With this, I do not say that the change has been for the better, but there is no doubt that from that moment, nothing would ever be the same.

The humanization of Dexter has been something we have been waiting for since the fifth season. Dexter’s relationship with Lumen could have played the same role as Hannah’s relationship in the last two seasons. Additionally, no one would be shocked if, at the end of that fifth season, we had seen Debra discover Dexter’s secret. 


Everything Needs to Know When Its Time to Quit

Dexter Morgan Cast - DexterMorgan

Unfortunately, Showtime decided to continue with the series and give us three more seasons in which neither the villains nor the secondary ones have shone for their contributions. The wear and tear of those who followed the series from day one have been evident. Many of the crucial members of the cast had been crying out for the fourth season to be the final one.

Without entering to defend the indefensible (that is, the last season), I do believe that the last episode of the season offers a more than a worthy end to the series. The rumors of the possible Spin-off about Debra Morgan managed to divert attention to his eventual death, which has been a surprise (at least for me). 

Without Deb among us, it is normal for Dexter to have the reaction he had. She was the only thing (or the first thing) that made him feel human. His sister was the one who got his Dark Passenger to lose focus and make mistakes. 

Dexter could only complete his humanization, knowing that Debra stayed in Miami happy and calm and far from his evil influence. His death makes all Dexter’s plans go to waste. 

Argentina sounds excellent, even more so if it is with the beautiful Hannah McKay and the very blond Harrison, but Dexter knows that it doesn’t guarantee happiness. His presence is toxic, everything he touches ends up rotten and love for his son can only lead him to sacrifice.

A sacrifice that in the end, we see that it is not a suicide as they try to make us believe at first. Seeing Dexter as a ‘lumberjack’ at the last minute of the episode was a surprise for many. 

Living as far away from Florida as possible in a cabin has been able to create more than one theory. The feeling of an open-end made us angry. We are accustomed to being given everything very well and on a plate. With no room for interpretation, and that is where I think Dexter’s final wins. 

I prefer to discover, make my conclusion. Isn’t it a sacrifice for Dexter to have to abandon his son and his partner to go to cut down trees? Does that final look not suggest that the Dark Passenger is still there? Or, on the contrary, does he say that he is managing to control him by isolating himself from the world and surrounding himself with other muscular and hairy men?

It’s that they have not caught Dexter, and that is what had to happen. There is no Dexter behind bars, in the electric chair or being handcuffed by Batista at the last moment. That does not mean that he has not come to light all his secrets. 

Is Quinn going to accept that Debra disappears just like that? I want to believe that, although we will never see it, Dexter’s secrets end up coming to light sooner or later. It is the end that I wanted to choose and I am happy with it.


In Conclusion

Dexter Sharing His Dark Thoughts - DexterMorgan

I know that there were many other ways to leave us all out of place. With many different wrapping ups that would be very colorful in the face of the gallery, but that would not satisfy everyone’s taste. 

The fact is that Dexter has left us forever, will not return, and it is up to each one of us to keep the memory we want from the series. With everything that has made me live this series, I prefer to stay with a positive feeling about it. All we can do now is enjoy discussions on this great mystery and conclude new theories that will echo forever.