Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first of the eight novels that compose the story of Miami’s most legendary serial killer. And before we go deeper into details of this novel, let’s first answer the question that is on everyone’s minds at this moment. 

Why would someone read the first novel from the series by Jeff Lindsey when it’s more than clear that you know how the blood fueled masquerade concluded? The reasons are many to say, at least. 

From the apparent fact that no devoted fan of the series would let the tiny but extraordinary important details slip away from their knowledge (Details that were largely overlooked in the tv-series.) To the more secretive facts that gradually open up as you dive deeper into the tale, revealing to you the real faces of characters that you thought to knew so well…

What creates the facade of an impression after reading the first novel (regardless of the fact that you watched the series or not) is that the story is far from over and that you simply can’t wait to hear how Jey Lindsey plans to continue the narrative. 

However, the very core of the impression after finishing the last page of Darkly Dreaming Dexter is that the author created a genuinely unique kind of experience narrated through the mind, words, and the eyes of the serial killer that the tv camera didn’t portray as half as good as the novel did. 


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Emotionless and cunningly brutal at times, you will walk in the blood-soaked shoes of Dexter Morgan, again but this time with the intention that the author wanted you to follow all along.

As you might already guess, most popular tv-series never follow the original novels after which they are made. It’s a sad reality that we grow so fond of some of those stories while never actually knowing anywhere as near as we should about them. 

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Dexter Morgan is definitely not an exception in this example, and Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jey Lindsey that follows the story of the first season will be the eye-opening experience for millions of fans undoubtedly. 

There were also many rumors circulating around how “the first season is pretty much the same as the first novel,” and this, among many other rumors, will be diminished just as you start progressing through the beginning. 

While reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter, some things will become apparent quickly, like the fact that the course of the storyline is pretty much the same, but at the same time, those same characters that make it up are at times very different then what we are used to seeing on the tv screen. 

It twists and turns the experience of Dexter Morgan as a phenomenon and not just a detective, and it gives you a totally different perspective on the story that you will never be able to forget.


Darkly Dreaming Dexter Creates New Memories and Revives Old Characters 

Not to mention the new characters that Darkly Dreaming Dexter can bring into your mind. Most of them were sadly overlooked and forgotten in the popular tv adaptation, but the novel embodies them into vivid personas that will make you wonder where they were the whole time. 

The experience of discovering how some of the “forgotten” characters that were not mentioned in the tv-series actually marge together to create some of the most famous figures in tv adaptation will be mind-blowing.

For anyone that is looking for a way to bring to life the dark sense of humor which has, according to many disappeared gradually over time in the tv series, the Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the perfect starting point in resurrecting this unique tone. In the book, this sense is very much there and alive. 


Some readers might find a difficult time, in the beginning, to acclimate to the tone after watching the series.


Discover the True Plot With Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Do you remember the death of LaGuerta? In season 7, LaGuerta died during a confrontation between Debra and Dexter when Debra had to pick who she should kill, LaGuerta, or her step-brother in the shipping container. However, in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, LaGuerta faces the same fate, but this time from the hands of different killers and clearly in the different parts of the scenario. 

Additionally, in the first season, you’re quickly introduced to the real identity of who the Ice Truck killer is. The serial killer who Dexter is enamored with, becoming very interested because his kills are highly artistic and simply genius in his eyes. 

The novel, on the other hand, keeps you on the slow pace in the process of opening your eyes to witness the mysterious serial killer that Dexter has been obsessed with throughout the whole novel. And we are not going into the spoil territory to reveal his or her identity or say any more precious details that will undoubtedly enrich your experience as you turn pages. 


In Conclusion

In the first couple of pages, you will be drowning in Jef Lindsay’s depiction of how one of the most famous serial killers see the world through his eyes. The unique melancholy tone repeatedly examines some of the fundamental enigmas of the human mind and reason that, in the end, pull strings and tie Dexter’s complex disorders. 

Expect to follow that notion from the first to the very last page. And as for the pages, 288 pages cover the Darkly Dreaming Dexter, which for an avid reader can be completed with great pleasure in a couple of days filled with top-notch mystery, drama with an odd dark sense of humor and a bit of passion on the side. 

Find out the true face of the Dark Passenger and find out why it was so complex and impossible to depict it perfectly in the tv-series as it was so remarkably done in the first book. Among many other blood-stained bits and details…