Books by Jeff Lindsay

Lindsay wrote several books after that before hitting the big time with his first Dexter book, “Darkly Dreaming Dexter,” in 2004. The TV series followed in 2006.


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Dexter Book vs TV Show

In the Book
  • Rita’s children have a “Dark Passenger” like Dexter due to their abuse at the hands of their father.

  •  LaGuerta lets Dexter know she wants him.

  • Brian Moser kidnaps Deborah.

  • LaGuerta catches Dexter looking for Deborah at the ship yard.

  • Moser kills LaGuerta and escapes.

  • Deborah suspects there is something wrong with Dexter. She eventually discovers his secret.

  • The serial killer of prostitutes is nicknamed the Tamiami Slasher.

  • Migdia LaGuerta and is a detective.

In the TV Show
  • They were not abused and are normal kids.

  • She has a slight crush on him.

  • He first dates her and proposes. He then kidnaps her so he and Dexter can kill her together. Dexter refuses.

  • Doakes catches him.

  • He doesn’t kill her. He is killed by Dexter.

  • She knows he is hiding something but doesn’t suspect he is deranged.

  • He is named The Ice Truck Killer.

  • María LaGuerta is a lieutenant.