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We can all still hear the calmness of his voice and remember the mind-twisting screenplay following the life of our favorite double life antihero. The thrilling experience that has driven us through the series made its way to this web page where we are all gathered to share a few moer words regarding the multiple award-winning drama. The plot. The actors. The lesser known way the show was filmed and all the amazing  trivia that followed the life cycle of this TV series. As mysterious as the concept of the whole show was there are still things that are hotly debated among fans from all around the world. And we are here in the hope that we will all circle around and share our knowledge about everything related to Dexter Morgan. 

I don't know what made me the way I am, but whatever it was left a... hollow place inside. People fake a lot of human interactions, but I feel like I fake them all and I fake them very well.

About Dexter Morgan Show

It’s shows like these that move the boundaries of our everyday thinking. There should be nothing beneficial from building affection for a serial killer, yet he made us think in a different way than usual for a moment or two. Not only that it created a unique feeling after every cliffhanger, but it also projected our mind between the points of pure aesthetics and brutally crude behavior. At this point, we can all unanimously agree that Dexter has been everything but a conventional serial killer. The most notable drama critics concluded that the nucleus that drove sensations we felt about this fictional life was represented in a never before seen desplay of character that was so calm yet so vile. Somewhere between those widest points of the specturm that was this series, walks our character who slowly builds the plot to the points where millions upon millions of new fans are eager to spread knowledge about his actions.

That is how we concluded that whenever Dexter is going to kill someone he wears his brown long sleeve henley shirt for example, and trivia information like that rarely changes the way we percieve the show but gradually develop a giant knowledge base we intend to create for our favorite TV series. Being a part of our community will give you a chance to take a closer look at the way the whole show was filmed and since the whole filming took place for nearly eight years there will surely be many interesting stuff that can still surprise you. Oh, and a thing worth mentioning. The season 9 hasn’t been confirmed but fans are still more than eager to know if the mild-mannared serial killer will be back for another series.

This is the place where we will provide you with everything you need to know about a potential follow up with the latest news directly from the crew. Still, there are many other things that are shoruded with mystery just the way we like them, spontaneous and shocking. After every dosage of your favorite drama, come back here to find out something that will intrigue your brain cells to the point of forensic precision and find out that there is always more to things than they originally seem to be.