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We introduce you the cast that made us hold our breaths to the last minute! They are the representation of unique personas that were the mind, body, and soul of this jaw-dropping mystery. They are the ones who took the blame for all the fame and questions that still perplex us. Actors that embodied the characters from the novels and into our TV screens brought this violent drama even more intrigue and adoration. As the blood kept splattering, the analysis of our favorite characters evolved in the most unexpected of ways.



Eight and counting… Every successful TV show is marked by true fans’ relentless desire to keep the story going. It may be hard to portray a serial killer and make people fall in love with his person but it’s even harder to create eight seasons that captivate the viewers and make them thirst for more. This isn’t your everyday crime drama, folks! This is eight years of character evolution: the struggles they went through, the lust they succumbed to, and the intrigues surrounding our heroes. As we wait for the plot to unfold in the upcoming season, we will have enough time to review all the details that created this masterpiece.

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Dedicated to true lovers of drama and mystery, these eight masterpieces created by Jeff Lindsay are perfect for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Dexter Morgan’s opus. As the plot of this acclaimed TV Series differentiates from the actual novels, many unexplored surprises and facts still await those who are curious enough to start turning the pages.

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Michael C. Hall answered with “Never say never” when confronted with a question about the future production of the series. So far, we can only speculate about the show’s future without an actual official announcement. Nevertheless, we will provide more exciting news regarding our favorite TV show – so prepare your minds to be blown!

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In our blog we will cover everything from actors and locations of filming to some interesting trivia.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter

Darkly Dreaming Dexter is the first of the eight novels that compose the story of Miami’s most legendary serial killer. And before we go deeper into details of this novel, […]

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Dexter’s Morgan Character

Admittedly, Dexter does not operate in the unplowed ground. The series is mostly based on Jeff Lindsay’s romance series, about psychopath Dexter Morgan, who has both legs well planted in […]

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Monsters don’t get to live happily ever after.

It’s a hard acomplishment to get someone to actually love a serial killer. But Dexter is one of those few attempts that works. It’s not forced upon you – the show doesn’t shove the whole “well this serial killer had a terrible childhood…” in your face. And it doesn’t need to in order to get you to love its main character. You just do.